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School of the Supernatural, Sweden 2021

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2021, the 4th school year and the best investment you can give yourself!



Welcome to School of the Supernatural, Sweden, a Scandinavian Christian Bible School in the centre of Gothenburg! Year 2021 will be the most exciting year so far and will consist of eight (8) Saturdays throughout the year. It will start on Saturday February 27, so you are welcome to sign up already today!

School of the Supernatural, Sweden is designed to equip students to serve in the gifts of the Spirit and to show them how to live a supernatural lifestyle in boldness. There are so much more to the life that the Holy Spirit offers. Therefore, God calls us today to do the same miracles as Jesus did. Yes, even greater than them (John 14:12).

An international training centre in the Word and Spirit – James Goll.


We offer

  • Exclusive teaching by ministers who are in the forefront of the prophetic and apostolic ministry today.

  • National and international teachers.

  • Practical training sessions.

  • Spirit-filled worship, prayer and intercession.

  • A life-changing year that will make you into a life-changer.

  • Diploma.

You will learn

  • How to hear the voice of God for yourself.
  • How to pray for the sick.
  • How to prophecy and bring unbelievers to Jesus Christ.
  • How to go deeper in the intimacy with the Lord.
  • Be equipped in the supernatural ministry.
  • And much more.



Terje & Helene Nordboe, Norway/Sweden (Nordboe Ministries), Frank & Karen Sumrall, US (Frank Sumrall Global Ministries), Isaac & Fabiana Liu, China/Brazil (All Nations Church), Candice Smithyman, US (Freedom Destiny Church), Ana Werner, US (Ana Werner Ministries), Larry Sparks, US (Larry Spark Ministries), Rebecca Greenwood, US (Christian Harvest Intenational), Bjarki Clausen, Iceland (The Mercy Seat Ministries), Ayeleen Saavedra, Argentina (Buenas Nuevas Al Mundo), Christian Heim, Germany (School of Evangelism, Jönköping), Amanda Nordbö, Sweden and Matilda Lööf, Sweden (Scandinavian School of Missions).

For more information about each minister, click directly on the PICTURES or the MINISTRY NAMES beneath. 

We reserve ourselves for any changes among ministers.


Dates 2021

Spring: February 27, March 20, April 24, May 15

Autumn: September 11, October 9, November 6, December 4

We reserve ourselves for any changes regarding dates and hours.



The school hours onsite are from 09.00 – 16.30 CET. Registration starts at 8.15 am.



Onsite: Frälsningsarmén Östra kåren (Salvation Army), Sankt Pauligatan 1, 416 60 Gothenburg, Sweden.

Online: Zoom, Facebook or other digital platform. Specific information will be sent to students with a ticket by email.



Onsite: Interpretation from English to Swedish, or from Swedish to English via headphones.

Online: English. 


Student registration – here is how to register

If you want to be part of an exciting year at School of the Supernatual, Sweden, sign up now at Registration Form.

Visa: If your potential visit to Sweden reguires a travelling visa, note that School of the Supernatural, Sweden does not issue any invitation letter for that purpose.


School fees 2021

Full year-ticket (8 visits)

February – December 2021, one payment now, only SEK 3.000 (ord. price 4.000).

Payment no later than Friday February 26, 2021.


Half year-ticket (4 visits)

Choose four visits of your choice, one payment now, only SEK 1.600 (ord. price 2.000)


Quarter year-ticket (2 visits)

Choose two visits of your choice, one payment now, only SEK 900 (ord. price 1.000)


A Day-ticket Onsite (1 visit)

A Day-ticket Onsite at Salvation Army East Corps in Gothenburg. Limited seating. Price per visit per person, SEK 500


A Day-ticket Online (1 visit)

A Day-ticket Online like Facebook or Zoom. Limited seating. Price per visit per person, SEK 419. Note! Special price on opening day, Saturday February 27: SEK 300!

(In the Registration Form under “Which event do you want to attend?”, choose “School of the Supernatural 2021 (Dayticket, 1 visit), SEK 500” – and just pay SEK 300 instead!) 


How to pay

Your payment will go to ‘Nordboe Ministries’ which administrates School of the Supernatural, Sweden.

Inside Sweden. Swish: 1234.6747.35 or Bankgiro: 5136-1210.

Outside Sweden. Iban: SE1695.0000.9960.4208.073.512. Bic/Swift: NDEASESS.

PayPal. Simply log into your PayPal-account and email your amount of choice to

Kindly add +25 SEK if using Swish or PayPal to cover the bank fees.


1. We reserve ourselves against any changes with regards to venue, ministers, dates and hours.

2. Your Student Reservation is first secured when your payment has been received.

3. There are no refunds on Student Fees once paid. If a minister is not able to come, we will – as far as possible – offer another venue, minister, date or hour instead.


Follow us on Facebook

Click on the link below to get to the Facebook-page of School of the Supernatural, Sweden.



Holy Spirit Nights 2021



There will be evening services called Holy Spirit Night on the following dates in 2021:

February 26 (Online Facebook Live), March 19-20, April 23-24, May 14-15, September 10-11, October 8-9, November 5-6, December 3-4.

The speakers will be the ministers who are teaching at School of the Supernatural, Sweden if nothing else is specified.

For more detailed information, go to


2018-21. School of the Supernatural, Sweden / Nordboe Ministries.

53 ministers from 17 nations. To Jesus be the glory!