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Christian Heim

Reformation Scandinavia

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Christian Heim

CHRISTIAN HEIM was born in Berlin, Germany. He got saved in 1981 and in 1984, God called him to attend pastor’s education still though working as a nurse.

Christian has been travelling to 30 nations, preached to thousands in Bible schools, churches, conferences, Christian TV-programs, campaigns, pastors- and leaders meetings (contact with pastors in 15 nations) personal evangelism, building churches and Bible schools. He has also wrote a booklet with the title ‘It Begins in His Presence”.

The summery of my walk with Christ is following: “Real ministry starts the very moment when we get a true revelation about the heart and pain of Christ for this lost world and the joy to see people changed forever”.

Christ was the heart of the father (God’s selfie) and He will raise an army who are the heart of Christ (Christ’s selfie), who once again will transform their cities.

We are standing in front of the greatest revival history has ever seen.

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