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Pastor Isaac Liu was born in Central China as the son of a preacher (known as Brother Yun from the book “The heavenly man”). Through the persecution of Christians in China, Isaac grew up in extreme circumstances. The whole family was persecuted, his father spent altogether more than 10 years in prison due to his faith. Nevertheless Isaac decided to get baptized at the age of 7 to dedicate his life to Jesus. After several years of persecution as well as a time of growth and revival of the Chinese underground churches, the family fled first to Burma and then via Thailand to Germany. There Isaac learned German, graduated from school and successfully completed bible college at Beröa in Erzhausen.

Pastor Fabiana Liu was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of 6 the family moved to Leonberg near Stuttgart. Especially through the influence of her mother, Fabiana was inspired to live in a living relationship with God and decided to dedicate her life to God at the age of 14. During her youth she was part of the International Christian Center Stuttgart, a church under the spiritual leadership of the Gospelforum Stuttgart. After her high-school graduation, Fabiana moved back to Brazil to complete bible school at the church “Lagoinha” in Belo Horizonte. That’s where she met Isaac, when she translated his message from German into her mother tongue. In 2011, two years after they met, they got married.

Together they first served as pastors in ICZ Stuttgart. In 2013 they moved to the US for further studies in their pastoral ministry at Bethel Church in Redding. There they received the dream to plant a new church in Eschborn/Frankfurt.

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